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About Site Managers

Below is a list of site managers for College of Liberal Arts websites organized alphabetically by departments and centers and special units. Site managers are the lead persons guiding, building, and maintaining the content on their websites. Site managers are also the liaisons between the department or center and CLA IT Web Services. If you have questions or comments about content on any of these websites these are the people to contact. Note that generally speaking requests to change website content must be submit to CLA IT Web Services by the site manager or the request will be forward to the site manager for their approval prior to the change being made.

For questions or comments regarding the College of Liberal Arts website please contact us directly by submitting a web support request. For other websites use the site manager contacts listed below.

If you're a site manager and you're new to the role please read our Site Manager Introduction.




Brendan Lusk

Art and Art History

Anna Bernhard -
Natalie Barnes -
Cyane Tornatzky -

Communication Studies

Carol Busch -


Jennifer Clary -


Alison Koss -


Gabe Saldaña -

Ethnic Studies

Abby Marweg -


Nicole Archambeau -

Journalism & Media Communication

Greg Luft -

Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Kaity Lewis -
Jonathan Carlyon -


Jennifer Clary -


Ashby Butnor -
Abby Marweg -

Political Science

Michele Betsill -
Kate Sherman -


Carmen Hardy -


Jennifer Clary -

Centers and Special Units

Arts and Creative Expression (ACE)

Nathan Seymour -

Academic Support

Emily Farrenkopf -

Center for Fair & Alternative Trade

Nefratiri Weeks -
Claudia Rosty -

Center for Literary Publishing

Stephanie G'schwind -

Center for Public Deliberation

Martin Carcasson -


Gabe Saladaña -

Creative Writing

Alice Stopher -
Gabe Saladaña -

Environmental Affairs

Katie McShane -
Ken Shockley -

Ethics Center

Zamzam Abdi -

gtPathways Writing

Tobi Jacobi -

Hatton Gallery

Christine Martell -

International Studies

Andrea Duffy -

Liberal Arts Interdisciplinary Major

Kevin Foskin -


Haley Carlson -

Public Lands History Center

Brenda Todd -

University Art Museum

Jennifer Clary -

University Center for the Arts

Jennifer Clary -

Wold Resource Center

Anna Bernhard -

Writing Center

Leslie Davis -