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Brennen Kaylor

  • Web Designer

Web Services is a part of the College of Liberal Arts Information Technology team dedicated to designing, building, and maintaining high quality, usable, websites. We’re here to help unlock the opportunity to reach students, faculty, and colleagues from around the world in new and exciting ways.

John Russell

  • Web Developer

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Design Process

If your department, or center website, is scheduled to be redesigned, check out the design process outline so that you can get an idea of what's to come and complete any prerequisites

Site Managers

There are many people who maintain the content for CLA websites and to help you know who to contact we've put together a full list of all department and center site managers


Guides and other reference materials to show how to resolve common issues


Forms for various tasks related to starting a new project, design process, and getting support


Links to help you think about the future of your website

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