CLA Server & Storage Maintenance

By Bryan Gillispie | Mar 7, 2018

From 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on March 10th IT will be performing maintenance on storage systems that house all files, data, and servers. The maintenance is an important step in ensuring that the system continues to be reliable and in compliance with warranty service guidelines. The type of maintenance being performed requires shutting down […]

Now Including YouTube Playback Custom Events in Google Analytics

By John Russell | Jan 12, 2018

In an effort to improve the usefulness of Google Analytics data we’ve implemented several custom Events. For a while now we’ve been automatically tracking things such as: Media Links (links to PDFs or images, etc) JavaScript Links (where a hyperlink href begins with “javascript:”) Email Links (where a hyperlink begins with “mailto:”) Tel Links (where […]

Moving CLA Websites to HTTPS

By John Russell | Sep 15, 2017

Over, roughly, the past three or four years the idea of all websites being served via HTTPS (HTTP TLS) has been a hot topic in the web administration and development worlds. In the past year the push has become even more forceful with Google making changes to it’s Chrome browser and changing it’s search ranking […]

Page Builder Color Presets

By John Russell | Mar 15, 2017

Page Builder Color Presets March 15, 2017 CLA Webmaster Leave a comment Implementing the CLA VBL colors consistently across all websites can, at times, be a challenge. One thing we’ve done is to create a Colors documentation page that lists each of the colors in the CLA VBL and provides the color values for each. […]