Page Builder Color Presets

By CLA Webmaster | Mar 15, 2017

Page Builder Color Presets March 15, 2017 CLA Webmaster Leave a comment Implementing the CLA VBL colors consistently across all websites can, at times, be a challenge. One thing we’ve done is to create a Colors documentation page that lists each of the colors in the CLA VBL and provides the color values for each. […]

New Ways to Communicate with Web Services

By John Russell | Jan 3, 2017

In an effort to improve our communication and collaboration¬†with Departments, Centers, and specifically Site Managers we’re now using two new tools. The first is, which is a project management tool, that we’re using internally to keep track of projects, task delegation, deadlines, and milestones, among other things. As we start new projects we’re inviting […]

Lamar Website Replacement Options

By John Russell | Oct 29, 2015

Lamar Website Replacement Options October 29, 2015 John Russell 1 Comment As of August 1, 2015 the Lamar server was retired from service by ACNS, including email, file storage, and websites. We’ve received questions from several concerned faculty within the College of Liberal Arts wondering where they can host their content now that Lamar is […]

CLA Central People Profiles

By John Russell | Aug 28, 2015

As many of you already know we’re in the (long) process of moving all CLA websites on to our WordPress Multisite system. Thankfully we’re nearly finished with moving departmental websites and will then move on to program and center websites. One major benefit to this is that people profiles are all saved in a common […]

Link to a Faculty or Staff Profile

By John Russell | Jul 28, 2015

There are times when it’s necessary to include a link to a faculty or staff profile page from within another page’s content. Doing so helps visitors to be able to quickly and easily see more information about a given person within the department. However, in the past when you needed to link to a faculty […]

Search WordPress Users by Name and More

By John Russell | Jul 10, 2015

We’ve recently made some behind the scenes changes to the way a user search is handled within our WordPress Multisite system. If you’re a Site Manager for a CLA website on Multisite you can now search users by any of the following fields. First name Last name Username Email address (any portion of the email […]