For a long time now the standard for WordPress websites has been to support a single “Featured Image” for Pages and Posts, which was used to display a thumbnail image and also a banner (“header”) image when viewing the page or post. Today we’re announcing that we’ve added a new header image feature, to all of our standardized sites, that allows a “Header Image” to be set alongside a “Featured Image”. This simple addition provides a huge amount of greater flexibility in how a posts’ associated image appear and ensure that the appropriate images are used in the proper locations.

Specifically what this new feature does is display the “Header Image” in place of the banner/header image when viewing the post. If no “Header Image” is set then the “Featured Image” will function exactly as it always has. If a “Featured Image” and a “Header Image” are both set then the “Header Image” will simply override the “Featured Image”, but only for the banner/header image.

With this new feature we’re no longer forced to find a photo that works both as a small square thumbnail and as a large and wide panoramic banner image, but rather able to use a separate image for each use case. We hope that all Site Managers find this new feature helpful, and as always if you have any ideas on how we could further improve the feature-set that we offer please let us know!