As many of you already know we’re in the (long) process of moving all CLA websites on to our WordPress Multisite system. Thankfully we’re nearly finished with moving departmental websites and will then move on to program and center websites. One major benefit to this is that people profiles are all saved in a common location that is accessible by any site on the WordPress Multisite system. This means that we can eventually have a faculty/staff list for the entire CLA on the Libarts website (similar to the CLA Central People page now) using the exact same information that is already listed on departmental people pages. So, faculty/staff could make updates to their profile on their departmental website and the changes would be reflected on the Libarts website.

The downside during the migration process is that once a site has been moved to our WordPress Multisite system the CLA Central profiles are no longer necessary, and have no connection to the departmental website profiles. So, faculty/staff need to update their profile on CLA Central and the departmental website in order to keep their profiles up-to-date. Who wants to waste time doing that? That’s right, no one. Thankfully, most website visitors will find a faculty/staff profile via a departmental website, which should be the most current profile, but there will still be some who are found through CLA Central. To mitigate this problem, all faculty/staff profiles on CLA Central that have a designated “department” that matches a website that has been migrated to our WordPress Multisite system will automatically redirect to the departmental website people profile instead of the CLA Central profile.

Using Michele Betsill’s profile as an example, if you try to navigate to her CLA Central profile ( you will automatically be redirected to her profile on the Political Science website (

One thing to keep in mind, if you have multiple departments selected on your CLA Central profile, is that it will use the first department (alphabetically) that has a matching WordPress Multisite website, so if you want your CLA Central profile redirected to a specific site be sure it’s the only one selected on your CLA Central profile.

As for faculty/staff that are still listed on the CLA Central People page that are no longer at CSU, please email us at with a list of names and we’ll remove them.