In an effort to improve our communication and collaboration with Departments, Centers, and specifically Site Managers we’re now using two new tools.

The first is, which is a project management tool, that we’re using internally to keep track of projects, task delegation, deadlines, and milestones, among other things. As we start new projects we’re inviting necessary individuals to be a member of that project, so you may receive emails from and we wanted to be sure those emails weren’t dismissed as junk. Becoming a member of a project is a great way be up to date on the progress of a project at all times, so we’re hoping this will be a valuable tool to you as well.

The second is Slack, which is an instant message service. We’ve been using it exclusively internally, but we’ve recently opened the #general channel to anyone with an email address so Site Managers are able to chat with us, as an alternative to email or phone. If you’re interested in joining us on Slack visit the Signup page: