Page Builder Color Presets

Posts with Web CategoryHome » Web Implementing the CLA VBL colors consistently across all websites can, at times, be a challenge. One thing we’ve done is to create a Colors documentation page that lists each of the colors in the CLA VBL and provides the color values for each. However, referencing a documentation page each […]

New Ways to Communicate with Web Services

In an effort to improve our communication and collaboration with Departments, Centers, and specifically Site Managers we’re now using two new tools. The first is, which is a project management tool, that we’re using internally to keep track of projects, task delegation, deadlines, and milestones, among other things. As we start new projects we’re inviting […]

Media Library Search

When working with the WordPress Media Library, after a few dozen files have been uploaded, one quickly realizes there is a lack of organization and the ability to search for files becomes critical. Unfortunately, out-of-the-box, WordPress only searches for files in the library by their title rather than their filename. Thankfully WordPress sets the title to match the filename when […]

Music, Theatre, and Dance

After months of design, development, and coordinated efforts to build site content the new Theatre and Dance websites have launched, with Music soon to follow. The new websites offer many advances over the old websites; most notably: events management, photo rich design, social media feeds, and the ability for the departments to manage their own content. Not only […]